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Setting Your Dental Team’s Sights Even Higher

Invest In Your Practice


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Peace of

Through our coaching and training, office teams will better implement on-track systems to ensure proper benchmarks are set and reached.

What We Provide

  • Verbiage training for case acceptance and scheduling

  • Better understanding of insurance plans

  • Improved systems and protocols

  • Customized training solutions

  • Greater overall clarity

What You Can Expect

  • Increased collection results (100% or more)

  • Success in achieving daily productivity goals

  • Workplace unity

  • Consistent office flow

  • Practice peace of mind

About Dental Superior

As a provider, your efforts are best focused on patient care. However, you may often find office staff struggling to understand or follow through on their daily responsibilities. Dental Superior was founded to guide dental teams towards improvement, helping them become more confident in their performance and more intentional in their duties.


We know the best investment you can make in your practice is one that creates leaders, strengthens team skills, and paves the way for better fulfillment. Our role in this process is to provide daily office systems, staff training, success coaching, and overall support in order to bring about desired outcomes. The results are significant.

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Lindsay Salazar — Principal Consultant

Having been in the dental field for over 20 years, holding responsibilities such as hygiene coordinator, lead dental assistant, office manager, and coach, Lindsay has acquired a wealth of expertise in dental practice management. She has also had the opportunity to learn from many of the top names in dental consulting and coaching, positioning her uniquely to help practices who want to move from good to great.


“I started my practice in 2010. During the first six years, I grew a busy practice with a good reputation in the community. On the clinical side, we were a complete success. The business side was, however, the complete opposite. Our collections rate was only 83% during that time, and since I didn’t know any difference, I thought it was completely normal. When I decided to start another practice on the other side of town, I divided my staff and hired more. Our expenses doubled, and our collections rate dropped even further. We were on the verge of going out of business. I was about to throw in the towel and work for someone else when I met Lindsay Salazar. She has ultimately saved my practice and simultaneously lowered my blood pressure. Over the next six months, she was able to retrain my front staff and helped us figure out all the things we were doing wrong. I realized I was trained in dental school to be a successful dentist, but I didn’t know the first thing about running the front office. Our collections rate went to 103%, and even though it makes me sick to think of all the money we lost, I am so thankful for Lindsay and all she has done for my practice. Because of Lindsay, I now make more money than I ever have, and I enjoy doing dentistry more than ever” 


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